And The God Created the Woman

 و خداوند زن را آفريد

God created Woman out of the left side of man

خداوند زن را از پهلوي چپ مرد آفريد

not from his head to be above him 

نه از سر او تا بر او مسلط گردد

not from his foot to be trampled by him

نه از پاي او تا لگد كوب اميال او گردد

but from his side to be equal with him

بلكه از پهلوي او تا برابر او باشد

and from under his arm to be supported by him

و از زير بازوي او تا در حمايت او باشد 

and from nearest to his heart

و از نزديكترين نقطه به قلب او

to be loved by him.

تا مورد عشق او باشد

ترجمه و تنظيم دكتر الهي قمشه ای